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About CREEKSIDE Painting

Nick Springer (member) has over 35 years experience in the painting industry. Nick has lived in this area all his life. On a Saturday, about age 10, his parents went shopping for a few hours. Nick decided to surprise them and went out to the garage and mixed some interior paint together. He went back into the house, moved furniture and masked off the family room. When he had about ¾ of the room finished, his parents arrived home. Nick’s father walked in the room told him good job and finish it up. Two years later, when Nick was 12, his father had him help with the repainting of some rental homes. As a teenager and young adult Nick also worked alongside his father in building and painting of many award winning show cars.

Before getting his general contractors license Nick was trained in the painting industry by other general contractors who strived for high quality work. Nicks eye for detail and desire for perfection has suited him well for this profession.

Our Team
With Creekside Contracting LLC you will feel the pride that our team has in their work from the time you call for your free estimate to the completion of your paint job. Our company is family owned and family run. Our team is trained and experienced in the entire process of prepping & painting both interior and exterior homes. The goal of all of our staff is for Creekside Contracting LLC to be the best home painting company serving the Southwest Washington area. We provide high quality service at a competitive price. We look forward to serving you!

Creekside Contracting, LLC operates with a general contractors license and is fully bonded & insured.

Nick Springer (member) & Staff

What We Do

  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Residential & Commercial Painting
  • Sheet Rock Touch-ups
  • Brush, Roll or Spray
  • Pressure Wash Structures Like Siding, Roofs, Decks and Concrete
  • And More!

What We Value

  • Fair and Affordable Prices
  • Courteous and Professional Service
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Quality Paints and Supplies

What We Offer

  • Fast, Friendly Services
  • Winter & Spring Discounts
  • Senior Citizens Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Warranties Available