Interior Painting

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  1. Set Up:
    • Furniture removed or placed in center of room
    • Floors, doors, windows, mantle, staircases, countertops and cabinets etc. are covered with new plastic sheet film or leak proof drop cloths
    • Removal of fixtures & outlet covers as needed
  1. Prep:
    • All masking will be done with quality painters tape
    • Fill nail holes, corner damage, and gauges in sheet rock then blend texture where needed
    • Use high quality caulk to seal the trim to walls or as needed for other applications
    • Scuff sand glossy surfaces
    • Clean and seal prime for smoke damage, stains, adhesion and more
  2. Paint:
    • Quality paint saves money in the long run
    • Low and no-VOC options available
    • 2 coats usually applied using brush, rolling and spray techniques
  3. Clean Up:
    • Jobsite is kept tidy each day
    • All materials and equipment removed upon completion of the project
    • Fixtures and outlet covers reinstalled and furniture is carefully placed back
    • Upon completion we encourage you to do a final walk-through with us to make sure you are completely satisfied

Our team has 35 years of professional experience and offers free color consulting with every contracted job. With thousands of colors to select from, Ted our friendly experienced estimator, will help you find the perfect colors that suit your home décor and personal tastes.

Creekside Contracting LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality paint work using quality products and experienced employees that take pride in every job we do.

What We Do

  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Residential & Commercial Painting
  • Sheet Rock Touch-ups
  • Brush, Roll or Spray
  • Pressure Wash Structures Like Siding, Roofs, Decks and Concrete
  • And More!

What We Value

  • Fair and Affordable Prices
  • Courteous and Professional Service
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Quality Paints and Supplies

What We Offer

  • Fast, Friendly Services
  • Winter & Spring Discounts
  • Senior Citizens Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Warranties Available